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Why do all these people keep their ex's numbers in their phones? If I'm not with you, I have no desire to keep your contact info with me. Perhaps it's just me, but it seems unnecessary to continue to hang onto the past like that..


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^ what the fuck is wrong with you? you don't even fucking know her. & that's called bangs, dumbfuck.

Oh my goodness. That is so so sad. I would cry ever single time. I'm so sorry for you. "I miss you baby" That's exactly what my boyfriend texts to me...I love him. I'm sorry

thats why i have a space before my gf's name so shes at the top of my list so this kind of thing never happens

I don't know maybe it's just me but I actually know my girlfriend's name, and when texting her something like missing her I watch the contacts so she gets it and no one else. I don't know though, you love him so clearly he's the greatest guy ever, especially since he uses a cliched petname like baby. P.S. if you couldn't tell, YDI. Try not to fall in love so easily.

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