By notsomuch - / Monday 1 August 2011 03:09 / United States
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  silversti  |  0

I'm not gunna make fun of the dude, I had my heart broken recently, and that shit hurts more then any physical pain I've experienced, oh so many sleepless nights

  HIM_Becile  |  0

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  wolflover44  |  5

It is the thought that counts. And in a way I think it's kind of sweet. Well, ish. He tried... That's more than a lot of guys do. I give ten points for trying, minus three for bad planning.

  X_Codes  |  11

-100 for using air horns. Seriously, am I the only person in the world who finds those things obscenely annoying? If the guy screwed up and wants to make amends, then he needs a serious adjustment in his strategy.

  Sacurason  |  0

79- There are many, many, many more reasons for breakups than that, many of them situational. You can't assume that he wasn't listening to her; for all we know, he was too touchy-feely. I know that's not likely, but passing judgement based on possibility rather than knowledge is never the fair way to go.

  MikalaHart  |  4

I agree... plus at least he's trying to win you back! I mean it could be worse, he could already have a new girl friend and I'm sure OP wouldn't like that much either


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