By Anonymous / Wednesday 19 June 2013 07:18 / United Kingdom
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Why didn't they fire the duty manager. It was their decision and responsibility to keep the bar open. Your responsibility is to do what you are told as long as its in your job description. And this was.

Normally I'm not one to say, "sue sue sue". But in this case, unfair dismissal is a suing opportunity.


it depends on where is a lot of places have no fault employment laws they pretty mean employers can fire someone at anytime without any reason


Idk about you but if I sued someone I wanted my job back from, things would be awkward. I'd talk it out first... I suppose it depends on the situation.


I think 16 was trying to say; "It depends where [it] is. A lot of places have 'no fault' employment laws, [and] they pretty [much] mean [that] employers can fire someone at [any time] without any reason." Now your brains can have the happys!


Somehow I ended up reading it that way w/o the corrections o.o. I didn't even notice until 20 said something and looked back at it lol

I'm sure (although I can't say much since I don't know where you work) that if you explain the situation to the bar manager, everything will be sorted out. Also filing a complaint may be helpful too (like the user above me said) Good luck OP!

This is like a scene from horrible bosses, except this time instead of trying to kill him, you should just tell your bar-manager what happened.

I smell an unfair dismissal. I don't know what your laws are in your country OP but surely you can go after them for that?

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