By The_Waffle / Saturday 14 May 2016 17:17 / United States - Cleveland
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If you were OP's neighbor, the cops would roll their eyes twice at you because they can't understand a word you are saying.

  ADOG2645_  |  4

Packard, if you can't understand that, then the cops would probably roll their eyes three times at you.

But seriously though, it's not that hard to read.

By  Mathalamus  |  23

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  1947Chevy  |  17

My dog ran away all the time. He had seizures and lost his memory for hours on end and I had 3 vets tell me nothing was wrong with him by their tests. He eventually died from those seizures but there was nothing I could do to stop them. He jumped the fence. Most dogs run away for less reason than that when they run away. Nothing to really be suspicious about

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