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You'd think this would be common sense considering crates, doggie seatbelts, and many other options exist to keep a dog secure in the car for a reason. It's also illegal in some places and worthy of a citation for distracted driving in others, so that's something to consider. Protect your doggos.

Sorry OP, but I think YDI. If your dog can't behave then it shouldn't be able to roam about the car and shit in your lap. Get a car safe kennel for the poor pup and let it go to the bathroom before you get in and drive.


@8: Then I wish you good luck when your dog goes flying through your windshield in case you ever have to brake hard. Also he can be as chill as can be, you never know he doesn't get startled someday by a loud noise etc. and jumps into your face on the highway.


On top of what everyone else has said, if you ever drive with your windows down, have fun when your dog jumps out of your car and gets hit by another car. Watched it happen on a highway.

Man, thats one shi This person has been removed from existence by the sentient snake that secretly controls fml. The snake thanks you for your patience, and urges you to think twice before using a terrible, over used pun.

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