By Leashaness - / Saturday 15 September 2012 11:07 / United States
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By  ieatpikmin  |  0

I'd still do that.

  MissMae93  |  23

44 - Heartless? Right, because standing up for the LGBTTQ community is heartless. Secondly - I've had friends die because of the word. If you don't know what happened, why comment?


Everybody here thats debating and wondering, 21's comment called the OP a homophobic slur. His comment was posted one minute before my original one, so i know exactly what he said, but I can't tell you for fear of being moderated):

By  mattwin88  |  4

better watch what you say OP

By  Oceanlondon  |  5

I'm sure your boyfriend won't mind…

By  TacoTheGlorious  |  6

Got one too, just say it's a spider bite(:

By  iliketomoveit123  |  10

That's a weird place for a breast... -.-

  NashyzzleTheN  |  10

Sorry 6, I was commenting on another comment but I think it got deleted in the process of writing:/

By  mikeymayhem_87  |  15

Don't tell anybody else, they might call you triple nipple!

By  sjdbeinska  |  4

...is he sure it's not cancer?

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