By i_am_forever / Tuesday 6 January 2015 01:59 / United States - San Francisco
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Why? Most devices function just fine with a door open. The only exceptions that I know of are microwaves, dryers, and dishwashers. If you haven't had your kid working with those before or showed them using those before then I don't think it's reasonable for them to just know it. I'll admit that I probably would've tried it but my parents encouraged me to explore and be inquisitive. So I naturally have been troubleshooting things. There wouldn't be logic behind it. I would have just been trying random things like pressing buttons again, checking the plug, and the like. But lots of parents don't encourage those values, especially for young girls.


Seriously, go to the laundry room of any college in a froshling dorm during their first month or so. Tons of kids never figured out how the machines work.


Dryer is the actual machine that dries clothing. Drier is another form of more dry. So that means... A dryer makes clothes drier. The op used the wrong form.

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