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haha your dad is awesome! hey you really shouldn't complain just because he does a little bit of weird things here and there. I don't even have a relationship with my dad


Hahahah this reminds me of the FMl with the dad who hid in the closet dressed like a clown and jumped out - only that is 50 times scarier


And start talking to seemingly himself, while starting a good amount of wars over your destruction.

Not surprised. After I saw the movie for the first time, all I would do for the next hour is crawl on the floor towards my girlfriend saying, "My precious" in Golam's voice.


Me and my best friend occasionally start humming/yelling the theme song at each other. Usually mid-class.

Daaaaaaaw. Your daddy loves you like Gollum loves the Ring of Power. That's a LOT of love. Also LOTR is awesome. That is all.

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