By karina17 / Sunday 18 October 2009 05:03 / Canada
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whatta douche. i have the same kind of dad. just get on your knees on his front porch, ring thee doorbell, and when he answers punch him in the crotch and yell "YOU KNOW WHY!"

Maybe that was an excuse he made up on the spot. He was probably getting laid. -__- Still, there is no excuse. You should get him back one day by taking the toilet paper from his bathroom and then take 3 hours to give it to him after he asks you for a roll.

My dad was a lot like that. I used to get really upset, it hurt. Now looking back I think of it this way...he was protecting me from himself. It didn't mean that he didn't love me. I know it sucks. Hold a little hope but dont dwell on the hurt. Prayers on their way :)

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