By Animeislyfe / Tuesday 25 August 2015 02:56 / United States
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YDI Everyone gets started by bugs sometimes. It's just a natural reaction. Tell him the truth because I'd think you were a complete idiot for texting and driving.


50, but what about a Dragonfly of Death. What if this dragonfly was hell bent on getting inside your left eye socket? What if it flew right into your ear and started puking out its insides? Or perhaps, it was a Horsefly of Hell.

Honestly, bugs are disgusting and I don't blame you. That's not even that embarrassing, compared to ways my friends have gotten into accidents. Be honest and tell him the truth(:

I really don't see how that is too embarrassing to tell the truth. I've had to pull over on a highway and get out of my car running around like a crazy person thanks to a black widow dropping down on my lap before. Shit happens


well i think that when someone didn't freak the fuck out with a black widow on their lap, that would be cause for worry. i bet that was awful to say the least.

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