By j1hill33 / Thursday 14 July 2011 05:09 / United States
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  Denikk  |  0

Lol my dad does that too... even though my grades are 16 times better than his were he's always like "you're gonna be a grave digger because you got a B on maths" after I have great results in school...

  YacL  |  15

Isn't it supposed to be the kids who are the ignorant ones? And people say that the new generation fails when really, it's most of humanity that is failing.

  fawfulster  |  11

What if this is basic geography you SHOULD'VE learned in elementary school. Sometimes people don't pay attention or forget, but forgetting the CAPITAL CITY of a country?! I could spare that if it's Sierra Leonne, Togo, Angola, New Zealand, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia or Belize. Obscure countries that get rarely talked about. BUT JAPAN?!

By  daniel1991  |  0

dam a B that sucks

  julielee509  |  13

38, Clever my man, clever. I admit to defeat in being owned while owning someone, so I give you credit for turning this posted comment into a posted comment full of win.

  flossybaben  |  0

and you would get an A+ for being annoying.

  soulfulemo  |  0

66- the way I rule my world is better, atleast people understand what I say. ;)

thought I don't get it, I'm called crazy, for having my own rules...
and they say it likes it's a bad thing

  julielee509  |  13

To all the trolls with no life other than to go trashing on people (yeah you @waswashere) shut up. I was just being ironic, that's the first time I've corrected someone before. Try saying something we care about. :)

By  Artz94_fml  |  16

Hey look ! there's a bee on it ! ahaha

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