FML - The follow-up

Today, my dad told my girlfriend that she's the son he never had. FML

célinelisie Say more :
Hey it's the op, My dad loves to embarrass me and challenge my manhood because I'm his only son of 6 kids. He's done this all my life. He used to yell at me on the field during my football games calling me a pussy. He even told my senior drill instructor at my basic combat training graduation ceremony that he hoped my drill sergeant put hit foot up my ass every day that I was there. No I'm not gay. My dad just likes to mess with me. I've gotten used to it and I actually find it funny now.
By jimmy_morton / Tuesday 26 January 2016 18:20 / United States
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By  DBpiano  |  30

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  KingKA14  |  30

I think #3 was thinking Op was female and the dad said that because the girlfriend is the more "man" like of the two. But then again i may be wrong and they might just be stupid

By  jonjonguapito  |  38

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By  SamSwebb  |  30

Time to butch it up ... Maybe less so for the girlfriend. Hope your Dad was joking ... In some bizzare way. Else defo fyl ... Maybe f your girlfriends life more

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