By Username / Wednesday 31 August 2011 07:36 / United States
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Deer god.. that's kind of crazy. But don't perform sexual acts in your driveway, are you nuts? Beside the fact that your parents are weird and have a camera, ANYONE can see. Neighbors, whatever. If you were at your house already, you should've walked the few hundred feet to your bedroom.

  evnflr  |  7

Was the pun intended?

  jacetopia96  |  1

I see what you did there!


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  HollyDolly660  |  8

A similar thing happened to me, but my parents just had me apologize to his parents and he apologized to mine. They watch us like hawks now, but they're gone a lot..

  chickenwalrus  |  14

oh deer, that blows that a deer HEAD caught you giving HEAD... i may have caught all the puns :)

  LostSaiyan  |  3

It was pornhub guys I was on there this morning!

  KennKenn  |  0

Pretty sure it was on youtube.

By  yrkamurka  |  4

you should tell him to get out of your business. fyl indeed. :(


Because she was so horny she had to do him right there and couldn't make it to the bedroom?

  christyxbee  |  15

Oh man, yes it does! My boyfriend, for example, is a super lucky one. I tend to prefer to do it for long periods of time to see the pleasure on his face. That's enough to send me wild!

By  justalilcrazy  |  3

thats imbarassing! But it made me laugh

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