By Anonymous - / Saturday 1 August 2009 13:06 / United States
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when wil lyou mothre fuckers stop making up bullshit ass birthday shits, theres like 100 million of these bullshits in this fucking site, make something new up you niger douchebags


I really don't see how "his heart is in the right place". Forgetting her exact age - ok that might happen, though 21 is a kinda important birthday, he should have remembered that she has already passed that. Forgetting the day and month of her birth ... after presumably 23 birthday celebrations ... I don't see how that's possible unless he hasn't cared at all during her entire childhood. And that would make this message the expression of regret of a deadbeat loser. The kind of person w


At least he cares and loves you enough to try. Some people would love to have someone try like that, even if they got things messed up. It's the thought that counts.

Clearly, he understated his lament regarding being able to believe how fast you're "growing up". FYL. I know the feeling; sucks when your parents have erroneous information regarding you... particularly when it's legally documented... and I would think they knew for tax purposes at the very least at one point... not to mention the whole wow-I'm-your-child-really? thing. But in the *end* it's the heart that matters. His was in the right place, if not time:-p


Yeah but he probably would have included a name that wasn't hers. Unless it just started out "Dear daughter," which is kinda weird.

I know exactly how you feel when your own parent can't remember even the simplest of things about yourself. At least he thought about you. FYL.

while #4 may be right... this might've just been his attempt at trying to get to back into your life maybe? he was way off, but maybe it was his way of taking baby steps back into your life and actually trying to get closer to you? but still.... FYL

i don't understand y u upset about it at least hes trying most dads wont even do that...so stop ur complainin and accept the fact that well ur dad is tryin to come back to u and tryin to tell u he loves u...i havent seen my dad in years he walked out on me n my 7 brothers and sisters and my mom and i recieved nothin from him be thankful that u got somethin from ur father n dont go on FMY just bc he got ur wrong age n birthday he was probably looking for a conversation starter...so be thankful


"Most dads" are not like that. And I'm sorry your father walked out on you, but the doesn't mean OP doesn't have somethings to complain about. Is she supposed to be happy he was off by 2 years and got the birthdate wrong?

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