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Wait until dad goes to the bathroom, then cut the strings, then run away. When he comes looking act all sorry, even work up a tear or two to show dad how bad you feel that he was sold a defective banjo. Something like this: DAD..."Look what happened to my banjo! Do you know anything about this?" YOU... "No dad. OH MY GOD, what happened? Dad, those bastards sold you a defective banjo (sniff, sniff). I saw a show about the banjo scammers on 60 minutes (small sobbing cry). You


At least he doesn't sing? Tough break, OP. Maybe you should look into a good pair of noise-reducing headphones. Or get him to play outside...


That's not that bad, some dad's do a lot worse things in their midlife-crisis. Let him have some fun, it'll end some day. Some day..


Actually a guy on YouTube managed to play a slayer song on a banjo. So, it wouldn't be bad if he could play some cool songs.

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