By anon / Monday 19 January 2015 05:35 / United States - Burleson
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By  tepovre  |  18

Some guys take a while to break in, don't think about it too much, OP

  EverestMelting  |  23

Like when someone asks for head, they really mean to give them head until they open up to you. Actually, that's a lie. Dome is dome is dome is dome is dome.

By  Obito_Rocks  |  6

Classy. Sorry you had to hear that, a lot of guys only have one thing on their mind's, and it's not always Spongebob :)

  SpartanMerc  |  18

Or not because that would be assault. You could, however, just get out of his car and not talk to him ever again...

  MortenM  |  17

#4, on behalf of all guys I'd like to express our appreciation that you're trying to convince girls to headbutt us.
Thanks. And ouch.

By  drayloon  |  50

Well, do you?

By  Darkness_Hate  |  28

No I give butt,headbutt!

By  FemskyD  |  26

Sociable of him.. To ask

By  mxgirl1998  |  26

isn't he romantic?

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