By Anonymous / Saturday 20 April 2013 14:26 / United States
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  wlddog  |  14

Isn't this usually when you use a plumbers snake and clear the pipe out?
Or replace the double U shaped trap under the sink? If you can find the clog, you can clear it.

  evilplatypus  |  36

They probably don't have the license to do any plumbing work (I'm assuming painting or wall crews if they're using plaster).
And if that's the case, simply getting a plumber to come out to look at the job can cost a lot of money.

  wlddog  |  14

Am I really the only person here that has ever used a plumbers snake? Really?
They are very easy to use, and no one needs a license to use one.
And for the record, not all "experts" are smart. These guys just dumped plaster down a sink.

  Cupcake040  |  17

59- no you aren't the only one thats used a snake but clearly OP is a drywaller in which PLUMBING tools aren't something they would carry on them.........if they did they are probably a handyman.
My dads plumber and if he got a call asking for electrical tools he's laugh at them...

  wjh100  |  13

am I stupid for not knowing what ellipses means?

  evilplatypus  |  36

I considered voting YDI since the OP should have made the dumbass employee pay for it. Then I considered the possibility that OP didn't know which dumbass it was, or that he wasn't the boss and couldn't make that decision, so voted FYL.
There's all sorts of reasons people vote YDI.

By  Pleonasm  |  31

He's not much of a clever-clogs.

By  groovycrazyjoe  |  18

there's go one beat up coworker

By  Jessica24  |  5

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  Jessica24  |  5

Thank you, I will try. I have a learning disability that sometimes gets in the way. So all I can say is that I will try my best to not piss off the grammar nazis.

  ironichalibut  |  24

13- Also, I don't see you coming up with any amazing quips either, you just piggy-backed my phrase. You put it down While at the same time utilizing it in the same way. I guess it is in your religion though.
The burn wards down the hall and to the left.

  lilhellian  |  26

.-. This thread spiraled downward fast. I'm still curious as to where the second mocking was. I see you insulting yourself, but not how it's directed at me as you claimed...

  ironichalibut  |  24

1- I pointed out that your joke was an uncreative revamp of mine.
2- I insulted atheism, as well as elaborated as to why your comment was ironically uncreative
3- FreshPie gets what I'm saying I think, so maybe you're too dense to see the hypocrisy of everything you said
And yes I did insult myself, someone had to tell that jerk off.

  Catkam623  |  27

Found it:Article 33 of the 4th Geneva convention. No persons may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.

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