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Hey, I still remember the person who got upset at me for referring to black construction paper as black construction paper. Apparently, I was literally supposed to refer to it as "paper of color." For the record, the person speaking wasn't just Caucasian, they were so pale that I'm wondering if they had ever experienced sunlight, and the confused expressions of the African-American couple waiting for my help was all the more priceless... I guess some people are too married to being offended.


I like that, "people are too married to being offended"

God, what is it with today that the ONLY minority group you can offend is those in regard to their race? Specifically African Americans. I've seen white people not blink an eye over racism or sexism of whites, native Americans, hispanics, etc. but act like some sort of ultimate social justice warrior over African American racism

By  species4872

Should have offered him a slice of watermelon to calm him down.

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