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Always found out; yes. Does anything happen to them; No. Look at the Wells Fargo banking scandal. Those poor employees were faced with keeping their jobs or scamming the customers, the management knew and encouraged such behaviour to get there million dollar bonuses and lowest level people are facing time in prison.


They don't always get found out. Sometimes, you get those awful bosses who have been with the company for a million years, and will never be fired, no matter what. And there's nothing you can do or say to make the higher-ups see how horrible they are. Your only recourse is find a new job. Its sucks.

For some reason, I thought OP meant that they and a coworker had to LITERALLY fight each other to see who gets to keep their job. My first thought in response to thinking that was to wonder where the hell OP lived that your skill in beating the hell out of someone translated to greater skill in keeping your 9-5 office job.

Do not be so sure it was actually a "mistake". It might have been deliberate but your a-hole managers don't want to admit to it. Either way, let this be a warning. Even if you get to keep your old job, the situation where you work is unstable at best - Quietly look for a job with a more stable company.

Hey guys, OP here! Thank you so much for the support, your comments made me laugh! I had applied to a couple other jobs in case i lost this one, but good news (I think?), I get to keep my job! My Co-Manager put in his 2-week resignation and two other people quit so no one was necessarily fired. There were several reasons why this had occurred but the main reason was because someone was stealing from the store, and the co-manager wasn't doing routine bag checks. Anyway, I am going to keep on my toes and keep my sales up in case something like this ever happens again!

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