By randomdude3890 / Wednesday 11 February 2015 04:58 / United States - Bellevue
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By  iTzSelverZz  |  14

Lyk if u kry evrityme :(

  lastunusedname  |  11

Get cancer.

By  gearhead369  |  20

Grammar nazi! Do you spend time on forums perhaps? Let the "-1's" begin!

  mightycocoman  |  12

Some people just know when their comment will get down voted. Also, the forums are pretty much just grammar nazis and people with no sense of humor.

By  iwanttogotoparis  |  26

At least you didn't laugh at her

  matdun101  |  19

I can't control it!


  matdun101  |  19

You were right #7 the rage was uncontrollable.

  JKPwnage  |  25

Fuck you. With a cactus. Without lube. In an orifice that isn't normally used for fucking.

By  albertozeta_fml  |  9

That's just because you didn't empathize enough with your girlfriend.
So ydi.


Empathy: Understanding and entering into another's feelings

  koulz  |  12

Please learn that sometimes grammar pedantry syndrome is something that just kicks in and you have no control. If you can't learn that, I sincerely hope you start having that syndrome so you know what it feels like

By  completerubbish  |  17

Her grandma is more important than her grammar, you know! It was a bit rude of you; hope your girlfriend understands you weren't trying to be a jerk...

  SMHsohard  |  22

Given the circumstance, it was more than a bit rude, it was a dick move. I really don't think his girlfriend needs to understand anything more than that, right at this moment.

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