By brokeandcardless - / Wednesday 13 January 2016 12:15 / United Kingdom - Cardiff
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But she has Internet to bitch about how stupid she was to use the Internet to check her balance. If you don't have Internet or an easy way to get online in this day and age, you're not rebellious or cute, you're ass backwards, and need to put your stupid ideals to the side, and join the rest of the word.

  cheeeksss  |  29

It would have made more sense to call or to check online than to walk 30 minutes just to check a balance.
Also OP, I highly recommend having more than one payment method. I usually carry 1 debit and 2 credit cards with me. So if one fails, I can use the other.

  Musicstruck17  |  24

OP is probably older. My parents refuse to use an app to check their stuff. They're even afraid to buy stuff online because of fraud. OP most likely likes doing stuff the old fashioned way or does not have a smartphone. Who knows maybe OP ran out of data to check on their phone.

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