By Anonymous - / Friday 29 August 2014 02:48 / United States - Encinitas
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  Ichiya  |  29

No need to be such assholes about it!

  Ravike  |  17

You have a one heck of a smartphone/buttphone 1st unlocking the screen then going to menu then gallery then selecting all the pictures then selecting delete option and confirming the yes box is a huge process. Indeed a FYL situation

By  willfarquhar96  |  5

There are LOADS of pieces of software to recover deleted filed, OP. Google before you FML


Yes for a phone. I accidentally deleted about 1000 photos off my android. I got an app, and the one that goes with it for my laptop, and it recovered all the photos. Deleting a photo doesn't really "delete" it, it basically allows the space that was occupied by that picture to be overwritten, so as long as you don't overwrite that space with something new, it can be recovered!


Today, I was running late for work and realized I forgot to pay a bill. I turned on my computer to pay the bill and brushed my teeth while it set up. I had a mouth full of mouthwash and decided to pay the bill before I spit. Then, I sneezed mouthwash all over my laptop keyboard and screen. FML

By atleastmybreathisfresh - / Sunday 28 February 2010 05:19 / United States
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