By everore / Tuesday 25 December 2012 18:12 / United States - Salt Lake City
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By  Soph0725  |  8

Yep your life definitely sucks

  YacL  |  15

But he saw the opportunity that (mostly) everybody waits for! The opportunity to be first comment! He couldn't just NOT say anything, he HAD to secure his place as first comment. Oh the life of an FMLer.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

While I have had opportunities to be first I usually get 3rd or 2nd to stop and think of something witty and its worth it. Still seen just as much and actually contributed in a positive way.

  SoSickWithIt  |  14

There was nothing in the comment you just made 48 that contributed to this thread at all. The only contribution my comment is making is making sure everyone else knows your comment was useless.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

my comment actually required you to think, sorry. the theme was it is better to actually leave a good comment then try and get first because first comment sucked from rushing to get first. it was quite relevant, no need to be an ass cuze it flew over your head.

  eggmarie  |  25

There was absolutely no thinking required to decipher your comment...

He was pointing out thy you say your comments contribute in a positive way, yet that comment saying so had no contribution to the thread at all

  sens3sfailing  |  24

I said it in a really arrogant way, I admit, and it isnt even close to true that my comments always have a positive effect. what I meant was I try to do that, and don't go for #1, but instead getting a good comments. considering you were wrong on what I was trying say, you really had no place to comment.

  YacL  |  15

Well, going off the first comment, which this thread should be in reply to, it's about how much OP's life definitely sucks.

  louisstephen  |  8

You have all completely misunderstood the comment. The tinge of sarcasm is however, quite obvious and has successfully attracted people who were bored and full of themselves.
Vos gueules bande de los

  n3rd43v3r  |  10

who said he's younger?

  MissNicky177  |  6

42- bullshit! You made that up! That would never happen first of all the older ones are usually harder to upset and the younger ones always get away with everything

  scarperwins  |  1

Oh the incredibly intelligent generalizations in this thread...you are so right, older siblings NEVER act out in an immature way. Stop talking about it, why does it even matter the ages of the siblings?

  laughtersplay  |  14

All types of siblings fight and get each other in trouble, in matter of circumstances. But its most common for the older sibling to get in trouble because of the younger one. They either know better or take responsibility for the younger one's mistakes. I would know since I am a middle child.


I'm an only child, but all of my closest friends have younger siblings, so I know how they can be, and it's annoying as hell.

They'll either play one parent against the other

"Mom, can I {insert request}?"

"No, of course not!"


*goes to ask Dad or other parent*)

...or they'll bitch at their parents until they get what they want, which doesn't take much. Or, better still, they'll completely overreact about something for the sole purpose of getting the other sibling in trouble (for example, getting pinched and screaming their head off, saying the other sibling punched them).

I'm not in their family, and it pisses ME off.

  alycion  |  29

I'm the younger and it didn't work that way in my house. We had to work things out on our own if it was minor. Hitting each other landed both of us punishments. And I wouldn't even think of playing one parent against the other. My sis tried it once and I learned from her mistake.

By  danial1214  |  21

Lock him in a closet and don't let him out until he promises to stop and if he goes back on his promise do it again until he cries for real and begs you to let him out. Thats how i solved my brother's fake crying problem.

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