By Anonymous / Tuesday 5 August 2014 11:55 / Egypt - Cairo
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Don't you worry. Natural selection will "take care" of him.

By  badmandilon  |  19

I hope nobody pushed it.

By  whatafuckup  |  14

Go buy a new one!

By  Wizardo  |  33

Don't be all Blu, there's still a Ray of hope. Remove the player and get a normal clock.

By  ScottVining  |  21

Let him learn the hard way why that's a bad idea

  buckerado  |  19

You do realize that "learning the hard way" in this situation would result in a very severe injury, if not death? I'm pretty sure OP would rather explain the mistake than kill the brother.

By  boating_guy  |  33

It's all good OP. No one uses DVDs anymore anyway. They're obsolete

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