By randomnamehere - / Monday 27 July 2009 18:22 / United States
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  kingston52  |  0

she deserved it because she spelled aisle as isle
anyone that stupid deserves anything

  mystomachurts  |  3

uh, Fake?? Am I the only one that immediately found it totally fake?? Come on... Nobody has their little brother with them right before they walk down the aisle to be married. He would either be standing with the wedding party (Because he would most likely be a groomsmen) OR he would be seated in the front row with the rest of the family. And how would someone squirt invisible ink (which vanishes in seconds) only to realize that...what, they grabbed real ink? That just doesnt happen. FAKE FAKE FAKE. Use your brains people.


unless you and the OP are best buds - which I highly doubt - you have no way of knowing who was with the bride and why...did you ever consider the fact that he might be escorting a bridesmaid, in which case he would be back with the bride.

  hahaha6  |  0

#87- Or the fact that if it was a "little brother" he might even be the ring bearer, and therefore would be walking down the aisle almost right in front of her, therefore, hanging out in the same area that the bride is in. That, and the OP doesn't even say that it is her little brother, so as mentioned, he could be escorting her down the aisle as well.... so many possibilities that this COULD happen. Take your "fake" elsewhere.

  mystomachurts  |  3

I wont take my fake elsewhere. I still don't believe it. In all the preparation that goes on for a wedding.. as chaotic as it gets in the families households... what person thinks to play a prank and bring invisible ink with them? I just doonntt believe it. Not everything on here is real. Some people just want to see if their entries will make it on.

  harmony88  |  0

Weddings are often accompanied by pranksters. My great grandmother, for example, filled my parents' suitcases for their honeymoon with crushed corn flakes.

  angel55033  |  12

19 is an asshole you don't know if it's fake or real just because of an assumption, but 130 his sentence saying anything is correct cuz he's being a dick and saying she deserves anything (not nothing) because she forgot the a on aisle

By  Nonnag  |  0

Wow THAT SUCKS!!! Thats completely unfair... You don't even joke about that kind of thing!
(Second, sorry my closest to first XD)

  Chescapal123  |  0

usually that dissapearing ink is either black, or bluish purple. i've never seen red dissapearing ink before. she was saying fml cuz the dress was ruined with a noticable stain.
FYL that sucks sorry :(

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