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Hi, I'm the author, made an account just to comment ? I couldn't really explain the situation in much detail but it's a little bit more complex than just kicking him out or not... So pretty much this brother is my twin. We're twenty minutes apart and extremely close so the older/younger sibling thing doesn't really apply because we swap a lot. When he's in need, I help as much as I can and vice versa really. Anyways, I recently moved out of home, renting a room at my aunty's to go to uni and my
By shazzasm / Wednesday 2 March 2016 18:56 / New Zealand - Auckland
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I've seen that "family" take advantage of you more than anyone else because they think they have the right and you won't say no because you're related. It's crap. Just because your my mother does not mean -for example- that I'll hand over MY tax return for you to buy stupid stuff when I have bills to pay. OP, you need to clearly define boundaries and rules for him to stay there and if he refuses then you have to follow through and throw his ass out.

I'd say give him the full experience: laundry, dishes, all the various other house cleaning things. Oh, and maybe throw in bills while you're at it. See how "perfect" he thinks it is then ;)

If he's not paying rent, isn't on the lease, or otherwise have a contract with you (and the land lord) you have every right to evict him if you live in the US. You have legal recourse. Tell him he has X days to leave on his own or you will make it a legal matter. If he doesn't in the time period, make it a legal matter, even if it is going to the police. Him living there if you rent could violate your contract and get you in trouble. So take a course of action to make him leave, even if your fam


Site wasn't displaying that, but I would imagine that New Zealand has similar laws. In fact, most countries would have similar laws, as long as said country acknowledges the legal concept of private property.

YDI because you're the older sibling and you should put your foot down in your own house. Even if you aren't the older sibling its still your place. Assert yourself OP don't let your brother walk all over you! You don't have to kick him out just lay down the rules.


It doesn't actually state of the brother is younger than OP. As someone who had to literally stab their older sibling to make them stop behaviors similar to OP's brother, I'm more inclined to think he's older than OP.


To keep it short, I found him in my room without permission, and going through my stuff on top of that. I tried to move him away from the dresser, so he grabbed me by the collar of my shirt to try to throw me across the room, causing the collar to choke me. Needless to say, I panicked and stabbed him in the arm with a mechanical pencil I was holding to make him let go. Several times. He got stab wounds, I got a very bruised throat, and he never went in my room again.


That depends on whether you count 13 and 15 as kids. While I am generally very touchy about people messing with my stuff, my reaction was more over the fact he was diggin around looking for the- at the time- $150 dollars I had saved from birthday and holiday money, plus saving change. We didn't get allowances, so that was the only money that we could 100% do whatever we wanted with, provided it wasn't illegal. He had (and still has) no grasp of financial management and wanted to buy a wrestling

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