By DeeDee / Tuesday 4 February 2014 22:08 / Austria - Vienna
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By  HopelesslyCiara5  |  19

That's why sarcasm became so popular... What an asshole.


The asshole part wasn't sarcasm though.

  Sports_guy3  |  28

She was still drunk after the Super Bowl. Assuming she's a Seahawks fan.


Sarcasm doesn't involve jokes to be ended. And no. Football is boring. But if I had to choose.. Sure.


Just, just get out of here... seriously go away. Don't come back. Please?


I don't even know ...

  colton_colton  |  49

What? O.o


79, as a veteran FML commenter (between this account and my last I probably have around 1000 comments) one thing I've learned is this: If you get thumbed down, don't try to explain yourself. It just leads to more downvotes. Just move along. Also, saying relevant/funny stuff helps. And use correct grammar. I'm not being a grammar Nazi, but it helps.

By  randymontegut  |  5

Very punny of him.

  littlem91  |  29

Agreed. The simple answer is to feed into his need for attention; make mocking him the subject of many of your jokes. Win-win.

And maybe keep your material somewhere safe and private in future.

  perdix  |  29


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