By Anonymous - / Monday 15 November 2010 15:57 / United States
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  GigglePony  |  13

I'd imagine you could have moved with plenty of time/breathing room left. Then again, you're American...

  H3ALTHFR3AK  |  0

couldn't she have undressed while holding the bowl up then let it pour all over her naked body in a seductive way. could've been a nice story to tell the bf before dumping him

By  Brittneyyyy  |  7

You shouldn't have let go >:(

  lAdykrUElz  |  0

I think the dumb Op thought that the magic part was that it wont fall!lmao #FAIL

By  Colin466  |  0

How the f$$$ is that a magic trick? sounds like he is just an asshole!

By  mrahhhhh  |  17

Congratulations, OP. A new suit with wine all over it... you're just like one of those rich upper class businesswomen! You'll get that promotion now for sure!

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