By beardedlady / Saturday 2 July 2011 06:44 / United States
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that's really disgusting and disturbing I think you should get a new boyfriend..

  dolphincheddar  |  10

I think it's quite kinky. maybe he will ask you to wear a strap on next time? or tell him that him wearing a freddy mask turns you on to make things interesting. oh and by the way, some people eat food peices left over in their moustache, after sex i would recommend trying

  KingGeorgeGal  |  12

This would be a good time when you get his
parents to give him 'it's okay to be homosexual' talk.

  fymother  |  13

I feel bad for him. it could be a bizarre fetish, but judging by the fact that this FML is from Arkansas, I'm going to guess he's buried extremely deep in the closet...

By  curlyhead00  |  0

that's a little messed up.

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