By growlr / Wednesday 20 July 2011 09:17 / Australia
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By  tateh22  |  0

tell him his penis looks like a SMALL sleepy turtle! hahaha

By  KoolKat369  |  5

a top hot

  bfsd42  |  20

68, are you like 12 years old?

  juicedboi  |  7

Don't deprive him of her special Fedora wearing friend. Lives freely amongst the jungle and needs that hat for the occasional sunlight that shrouds over the thick brush that he calls home. Yeah I went too far.. so what.


48- If a girl's boyfriend is insulting her vagina, why on earth would you want to see it? You think the guy did it for kicks?

  withered  |  25

#133 I don't think he meant that HER vagina is "weird" or something but I guess that is how he sees them in general. Because let's be honest, genitals aren't the most aesthetic things on the planet.

By  tateh22  |  0

tell him his penis looks like a SMALL sleepy turtle! hahaha

  ByteCarter97  |  0

One bad comment to a mans "area" can cause major trust and emotional problems and will probably lead to a major breakup.

By  knight0748  |  5

tell him that suck face with the old man would turn you on.

By  markusse  |  0

ydi for having an ugly vagina

  markusse  |  0

I'm a guy geniuses, did you Think a Girl would be so insensitive? If you girls Can judge us men om our penis size, we Can judge your vags...;)

  stinewd  |  9

we don't judge men because of what their penis looks like, we judge penises by the men it belongs to. if it's love, it doesn't matter what size or shape, but if the man is an asshole, well, then we make insulting comments on their precious little area:)

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