By sasquatch - / Saturday 8 September 2012 04:03 / United States - Katonah
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By  kate3101  |  15

Do not - and I can't emphasise this enough - DO NOT shave your face. You will end with stubble like a guy. Everyone has hair on their face, but if you don't want it, wax or use electrolysis. Don't touch shaving

By  Pussycat86  |  18

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  acidkitten  |  12

it's not really that obvious. You're not supposed to shave your upper lip anyway, it just leaves you with stubble (but op's boyfriend seems not to know this...)

  Pussycat86  |  18

Not neccessirly shaving it with a razor but there are a million way to remove upper lip hair!!!

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

Yes, 26. The cat's mouth is not even open.

  OneGirlsLife  |  20

You're really not suppose to shave down there cause the hair keeps it from getting dirty, without hair you can get it infected, such a blue waffle, nobody wants a blue waffle!

  jkmartinjk  |  16

46- Um all the doctors and doctor shows I've seen say it's healthier to keep it clean down there, not necessarily completely hairless, but at least trimmed up. Hair also makes it easier to be dirty (ie scabies.)

  vettle  |  6

46- this is 2012 we don't need pubic hair anymore. We now bathe. Well, I do anyway.

  Drigr  |  8

And in 2012, some guy still find a woman with a bush incredibly sexy. I'm actually turned on more by a girl with hair than ccompletely smooth.


46- I used Snopes on this one, and apparently, blue waffle doesn't really exist. The lesions may have been real, but no infection, fungal or bacterial, by itself makes skin turn blue. If anything, the poor woman whose labia in question suffered from blunt trauma down there, like punching or slapping.

Either way, washing down there at least every few days never hurt anything.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

#87- This actually makes sense to me! To be honest I don't understand why guys like a women completely bald down there, trimmed yes, but bald??? It just reminds me of a 9 yr old girl before she's hit puberty and kinda grosses me out! Go ahead and thumb me down because that's not the 'societal norm', but it's just my opinion and completely makes sense to me; seeing as the only naturally bald girls are pre-puberty.

By  Coolada  |  15

Does the carpet match the drapes?

By  ZealIFeel  |  7

I'm sure he didn't complain. Miscommunication can sometimes lead to good things. You know that now.

By  wildsweetchild  |  19

Next time ask him to be, more specific...;)

  wildsweetchild  |  19

10-wasn't intended...can't edit through mobile app..:/


After you post it you have like 200 seconds to edit it, just swipe across like you were to thumb it up or down, and then you will se a pencil with a countdown, press that and it will allow you to edit. You may have to back out of this FML to refresh it properly but it can be done (I know for the iPhone app, you probably can on android too but I'm not sure about blackberry)

By  kate3101  |  15

Do not - and I can't emphasise this enough - DO NOT shave your face. You will end with stubble like a guy. Everyone has hair on their face, but if you don't want it, wax or use electrolysis. Don't touch shaving


My girlfriend hates Nair. She used it on her legs once and it left her with large painful red spots on her legs for about a week. I can't imagine if she used it on any type of sensitive area..

  palomina  |  0

I thought 78 and 88 both spelt hair wrong for a second haha

  straculius  |  9

92- No they didn't, but you spelled "spelled" wrong.

By  DjeePee  |  24

You must have a weird mindset if the word 'lips' reminds you on the first place to your lips down under. Also, an hour? What did you do, pluck them out one by one?

By  zandalee  |  19

Oh that is so sad. Why are you doing as you are told? Have you lost your self along the way? Please find yourself soon. You are better than him girl friend.

  jisaac09  |  25

Just because a girl spends time to please someone does not mean she has no self respect or self worth. A relationship is give and take. Being clean shaven down there seems to mean little if anything to most women, most shave it regardless of relationship status, but it may mean a lot to their guy. That is the beauty of a relationship, one side puts in a little extra effort to make the relationship stronger.

Also, I don't expect my girl to chock on pubes if I want oral pleasure, and she gives me the same courtesy.

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