By annababyyyy / Monday 10 November 2014 05:01 / United States - Rockville
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  MeanBeagle  |  22

one bump two bumps big bump *sneeze* bump

  wanted_2_want  |  39

C'mon 16 it was kind of funny, except for the sneeze part.

  MeanBeagle  |  22

when you sneeze its written achoo.. which rhymes with two Lol

  Enslaved  |  36

I always thought that the small bumps around a women's nipples were Braille for "suck here".
Maybe the BF was just trying to feel his way down to get to the prize? ;)

  Meowdisen  |  15

Yes. Absolutely. Different skin blemishes and markings are just more unique places you can touch on your significant other! And shows your comfort with each other.

  munzapoppa  |  18

Its her boyfriend...he need no excuse to touch her boobs

By  bsell4  |  8

Is she trying to say her boobs are small or was she serious

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