By Anonymous - / Monday 25 January 2010 08:47 / United States
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  jerkwad  |  0

perdix continues to be as unfunny as ever

By  amiracle  |  0

He didn't say he himself had anal sex, silly. Look up info the 'male g-spot'. I'm guessing your boyfriend is curious, 's all. Definitely not a FML. Unless you're prude, that is :-).

By  I_Fart_Freely  |  0

Anal Is Less Painful Than Pushing Out A Baby.... FHL for having a GF who doesn't put outu

  threer  |  30

Girls poop...?

By  anela_fml  |  0

run run far away especially since he's lying

By  iloveloosy12  |  0

yeah you don't ask why he knows, you just do it

By  Fr0gg13  |  0

there is plenty of women who crave it. and many men who enjoy a little anal play.. the OP is a PRUDE

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