By Anonymous - / Saturday 23 April 2011 08:17 / United Kingdom
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  Primo_Loco  |  0

op should post the fb link for all to see

hope you bf (should be ur ex now) has a monkey body: extremely hairy and filled with poop dirt mud and bugs

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

How bad are the pictures? It might be possible that the situation has been miscontrued, but given that no one told you anything it seems unlikely.
However, you might want to rethink your definitions of 'boyfriend' and 'best friend' depending on what exactly happened/what you can find out about what happened.

Why is it that FaceBook tells all and ruins relationships? :O FaceBook should be shut down!! D:<

  Lopee069  |  4

Agreed. It ruins relationships, and I find it useless. why not just text instead of getting on the computer to type??? If you wanna play games and talk, its called an iPhone.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

Actually, I think it's the people who are acting like dipshits that are ruining relationships. Facebook is just helping them (especially the stupid ones) get caught.


Seriously? 11 and 16, you're saying that people can't afford phones don't deserve to stay in contact with their friends and play little flash games for free? That's awfully thoughtless of you two to think.

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