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#1 I thought you were first trying to say that's how they wear it in the "hood"(: i always spell it fir instead of for by mistake


So if you take him over with a mullet, they won't like him. if you explain WHY he got the mullet, they'll dislike him for being a drunk alcoholic, and a bad influence on you. Dude, you're SCREWED. lol(:


If you didn't care the way he looked with his hair like that I doubt your parents would have. YDI it shouldn't matter how his hair is.


Or get him drunk again and see if he'll agree to another haircut. In order to have a mullet, doesn't he already have to have longish hair? From your family's point of view, the mullet might not be that much worse.

Hahahhha people do some crazy shit wen their drunk! LOL have funn introducing him to your family! good luck! your gonna need it! :)

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