By Anonymous - / Saturday 16 May 2015 09:11 / United Kingdom - Aberdeen
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By  Redoxx_fml  |  22

Instead of the Crocodile Hunter you should make him the girlfriend hunter by dumping his ass

By  alexlots  |  20

Well that couldn't have gone much worse

By  _Peppermint_  |  34

Don't have sex with him for a month

  Sillsallad  |  15

I don't, and the last time I checked I was a woman. You'd just punish yourself, because you're not getting any either! Women who goes on sex strikes probably never had decent sex!

  Mauskau  |  35

I'd be annoyed, and then laugh, and then make it an excuse to have even more sex. You're missing out when you just withhold it, and chances are, at one point they'll get it elsewhere instead.

By  organizse  |  28

Time to find a new boyfriend.

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