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And luckily he's no longer with someone loyal. Any girl who would dump her boyfriend on the say so of some random stranger deserves to be with this jerk. And OP and the guy who got dumped both dodged a bullet.

I'm sorry to hear that but maybe it wasn't meant for y'all. And he probably won't ever have anything serious. So really it's his loss

well that shows what kind of an asshole he is. You just rid yourself of the thousands of headaches this guy would have given you if he already wasn't.

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Haha really? I knew this site was to be judgmental, but not blindly judgmental... @ 44- I never said he was my role model. I said that I was impressed with his ability to pick up girls. Also, I said he was an asshole. Unlike, most people here I can judge people on their personality and skills, separately. Do you ever dislike someone with an unbearable personality, who excels at school or a particular sport? Yes? Well, guess what!? Their personality doesn't affect their skills. If you wanted to


#68, who cares? It is despicable. I am more impressed by respectful and romantic guys than dime a dozen players, also, saying stuff like that will not help OP feel better about her situation.


@69- Apparently the girl at the club?! And we all agree that is despicable and he's a jerk. We were just saying that it was also hard to pull off. Sorry, for not comforting OP but I did push the FYL...if it counts?

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