By anonymous - / Monday 12 December 2011 00:01 / United States
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  rahavan  |  15

I had a boyfriend who had someone else txt me to say that we were through. So I understand how you feel. Some men just take longer to grow a pair. Until then just view relationships as practice for the real thing.

By  rcloca  |  10

Was it a nice speech?

By  oA_Fiasco  |  8

haha epic

By  Boomshadow  |  3

I'm confused. Did he walk to the next room and then call you? Who does that?

  mk58  |  31

I believe 44 was pointing out that the use of "are" was incorrect in your statement. It's supposed to be "is" since "the smart human" is singular.

By  desireev  |  17

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By  Buttsexpirate  |  9

"I know baby, but my unwillingness to face you shows how uncommitted I was. Now if you please, go out the window to your left. I don't want my roommate to find out you were here."

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