By Anonymous - / Friday 19 September 2014 16:06 / Belgium
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Exactly who just randomly after 3 years says something like that? Well OP be glad you didn't waste anymore time than you did on him. A break up is a hard thing to get through but you will do it and be stronger from it :)


I agree with 10. He dated you for 3 years OP and I'm going to assume that you were happy during most of that time, so there's no way he has actually felt this way or he wouldn't have been with you that long. Sounds like he just wanted to break up and was angry at you for something so he tried to dump you and hurt your feelings as much as possible. Anyone that can break up with someone like that and undermine the relationship as if he didn't enjoy it or choose to be with you during that time is a


#38, please, share your source that states he was cheating? It is entirely possible to stay in a relationship with someone who is horrible for a long time, til you eventually just can't take it and leave. Especially if they rush in to dating without properly getting to know each other first. And i know this, because I've been there myself. Got to know a guy, or at least thought i did, and started dating 3 months after meeting. Another 3 months in, the great, thoughtful, sensitive guy changes ov

For someone to say something like that to you after three years of investment, you are clearly better off without him. Don't worry OP you will find your special someone, while he will be forever searching.

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