By reallyupset - / Tuesday 29 November 2011 05:14 / United States
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  fromthesuck  |  8

Yeah except you can't say "my ex took my cat cause he said he'd get me back". For all we know his idea a revenge is leaving the door open long enough for the cat to get out

  6sick6  |  4

Or maybe he fucked the cat :)

  Jamialia  |  5

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  Characterise  |  0

or revenge by animal cruelty or taking it to the pound hope u get your cat back I'd be pissed if my bf now did that to my puppy if we broke up coz my puppy's my baby


87- it's a just an animal, sure they are innocent because what can they do ? Go and shot people ? No, yeah I agree there's not so innocent people out there but valuable then a animals life ? Honestly if I had a choice to save a murders life or a dying dog I would choice the human.

  lolthatscute  |  0

I would choose saving the dog over a human murderer anyday. hell, i would probably save an ant before i would save a murderer. you need to sort out your priorities.

  monstaber  |  6

I would rather lose a pet than get raped or have my mother raped/killed or get my arms and legs amputated or be a 900 pound man with leukemia or grow up in a third world country and die of starvation or be forced to work in a sweat shop.. I guess that's just me.

By  hsnorthjonathan  |  6

You should get him back by actually cheating on him.

  nattynatters  |  14

Considering that he's crazy, five years from now when she's married to someone else he'll still think she's cheating.
Op- I would change the locks. Keys can be duplicated.

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