By dam01 - / Sunday 2 August 2009 07:17 / Australia
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  Phillay632  |  0

YDI for dating a loser. You should have pulled out a real sword and slayed him for being a queer. This is just as disturbing as the creepy pedophile with the diaper fetish.

  mercilessadi  |  0

Ydi y coz u r a bitch coz u have camel toe coz ur bf is dickhead coz he has gf like u coz u blower him coz u like to be cozy coz u spill it here coz it gets published coz the mods who modd it suck like u(cmon y all dumb shits get selected while they reject the good one) coz I feel u desereve it coz u wasted my time readin it coz u wasted my iPhone battery coz am out of coz..

  shelbtron  |  0

who the fuck cares if your bf is a star wars fan. i just can't believe you didn't figure it out till now. f his life for having a girlfriend like you. he sounds hilarious.

  bbobe900000  |  0

HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS IS A FML??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA he's pretty damn funny even if he's not trying to be... plus think about it.. his 'lightsaber' at least he was trying to be sexy hahaha and everytime you bring back that pokemon one I laugh my ass off.... that is still my absolute all time favorite

  exit_arsenic  |  0

uh oh. looks like obi-wan's going to have to be thrown from the jedi order . . . OP; you better hope that your bf loves you more than his position . . . because might get shafted (pardon the pun) in favour of short, pointy-eared, green people

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