By rachiej8 / Sunday 10 June 2012 04:13 / United States - Fairlee
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By  ambowew  |  7

That dick don't like the chick.

Maybe you have a brother?

  alstbv12  |  13

It essentially means that ops boyfriend can't get hard for women and that maybe he should try his luck with men...dont worry. I speak the language of the dumb.

  Feared  |  9

But I'm lactose intolerant.

Doesnt matter ; had snacks!

I just had snaaaaacks!

And it tasted so great!

Felt so gooooood, yeah...


By  miserypoison  |  13

Erectile dysfunction.


No. This happened to me the first time I had sex. Both me and my partner were virgins and as such we were very nervous about it. Now though I never have a problem and me and her are VERY VERY sexual.

By  usarmywife  |  19

How old are you? Maybe he needs to see a doctor?

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