By smurfisurfer1 / Monday 12 December 2011 07:44 / United States
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  ColdplaySucks  |  18

Good grades will come with their praise

Hey it rhymes... Sorta

  morgan320  |  0

Yes it rhymes, 6. Its one of those "fake rhymes" as its called. Like 'Call' and 'Hall' are "Perfect rhymes" since they both have the same ending sound when you pronounce them.
Hey, I own a book called "How to rap", don't blame me!

  MoodyBlue320  |  11

She's two years older than her boyfriend just like me =D

By  desireev  |  17

At that age, y'all should be investing in a house or apartment or something. But mom sounds like a bitch. FYL

By  old09  |  11

Maybe you have a bad rep?
Or she's just overbearing/protective
Tsk tsk tsk, you know better, his curfew is 8

  alycion  |  29

Agreed. Her house, her rules. Maybe she had to be up early and just doesn't want company that late. If he doesn't like it, time to move out

By  happykesh  |  3

Time for you two to either get commited and move into your own house with eachother or break up. Actually it depends on how long youve been together, so scratch that. But really.

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