By Bonnie and Clyde / Friday 8 May 2015 02:18 / United States - Humble
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By  Shamanskinator  |  15

Maybe it was the same cop because he was the one who broke in before the first encounter :D

By  Redoxx_fml  |  22

Should've made him search the whole house and the entire neighborhood.

  venomousflower  |  24

Sometimes you just gotta get it done right then and I guess the cop car was the closest enclosed space they could find


I am 99.9905% sure she meant her boyfriend's car and they would both be in jail for breaking and entering and indecent exposure inside government property if they somehow made it into a police car together, alone. -_-

  trickster91420  |  21

Sometimes you just want to be spontaneous and have sex in new places. When you have been with the same woman for 5+ years you do thinks to keep the spark alive. But then again i was smart enough to do it in a car with tinted windows... And you park in a public spot. In a alley or the end of a road is just suspicious. That's the type of things cops look for.

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