By Anonymous / Monday 2 September 2013 17:03 / United States - Gladewater
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  mFUNdo21  |  17

or wind pollination

  d4m4s74  |  12

Or God's will (Mary, assuming she didn't bone some Roman dude.)

  KawaiiCupcake  |  14

Are condoms expansive?
I think you're bf is cheap or just doesn't wanna have sex with you.

  timotay  |  4

Or it's like that episode of mythbusters were the women was inseminated by a bullet that had previously caused debilitating injury to some soldier during the civil war. I don't remember if it was busted or not.

  nurchok  |  15

Ever heard of pull out? Just sayin' :)

  jesustitts  |  20

Babies are super expensive plus babies poop, pee, and puke all over you too. Maybe you should let your boyfriend babysit and then use the money to buy some condoms, which by the way are not that expensive!

  noir_heart  |  8

I personally think the perfect plan would be to buy the first few condoms, make it clear that she'll never have sex without condoms, give him the best sex he's ever had, and then he should have absolutely no problem buying the condoms in the future. :)

By  ShannyAK  |  16

Well considering he said condoms are expensive I'm guessing he doesn't have a job? But either way op FYL

By  worldclassrager  |  39

Spending $2000 or so to support a child and a condom being maybe around $1.00 is chunk change...

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