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  Shadow1368  |  27

You totally deserve it for not noticing. The only way for the OP to not notice is if they have bad hygiene too, or are a dinosaur. So I'm pretty sure it's a dinosaur.

  dolphincheddar  |  27

and you wonder why his teeth tasted like last halloweens candy corn? you should notice they kind of get orange after a while. and simple solution: for the anniversary present, get him a dentist appointment! problem solved.. partially

  tona01  |  27

that can't be possible, by now he should have green teeth, and already lost a few, so either OP is blind, tasteless and can't feel anything with her tounge or she is lying

  tona01  |  27

ok i got moderated, let's change my comment then. i don't believe you OP, i think you are overreacting, very stupid or your boyfriend was kidding. two years without washing your teeth would mean change of color to a dark green, and loss of some or all of them

By  enonymous  |  25

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