By seanzynotfonzyehhhhh - / Thursday 4 August 2016 05:16 / United States
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Actually, OP can refuse because it is a health violation and he wasn't given proper equipment to deal with it. Cleaning that much piss isn't what construction workers, etc get paid to do. He had someone else's piss on him. If my bf had been forced to do that without proper equipment when he was working in construction, I would have been angry.

Could you not use a shop-vac or anything to just suck it out into a container? Also, couldn't forcing a worker to handle someone else's piss (by hand) be considered a health violation; especially since you're in the US?


I think a boat pump would be better than a shop-vac. Either way you're sucking up piss and sometimes that can spray about.


Where did this piss even come from? Other workers? That's quite a bit of piss for one person...was it there before they started working?

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