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I guess he can only get a girl to love him when they are drunk. oh he forgot to mention that you guys got it on as well :)


that sucks for everyone who said FIRST...andthe actual FIRST didnt say it...(yay for you) why wereyou even drinking with your boss there?


chat kinds of ducks? Rubber duckies? Lolz I'm just making fun. iPods aren't that good at autocorrect... & when they try, they fail. Aah, many bad texts & ims because of that...


ok, the comment I was replying to disappeared, & I meant what, missed a letter, & it got turned to chat. Damn autocorrect... It said ducks for you op. damn iPod not showing comments...


That's what I wondered. Do you actually feel that way, OP? He's either incredibly tactless or he is interested. I can't come up with a third option.

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