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@20 I think #4 means that they hope OP keeps his job because this could mean that the boss doesn't like his performance and therefore, will fire him.


Sometimes I'll name files ridiculous things that don't mean anything. I could see myself doing this.


OP's from Poland. Depending on the age of OP's boss, he may not know English very well, not living in an English-speaking country and all. In former socialist countries, younger people generally know very good English, while 40+ generation did not have many chances to practise when they were young.


Also, in Polish, too, like in a lot of other languages, you would pronounce "i" as "e" in English. I could definitely see someone who has only ever /heard/ the word "timesheet" and not read it, and who has limited knowledge of the English language, spell it as "timeshit".

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