By last literate / Thursday 27 October 2011 16:15 / Canada
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  widder  |  0

One FRIED coworker a day keeps the docter away!

  eurostar710  |  11

I don't get it...

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

Y I rich, u not?

  pfx2_fml  |  15

Learn to spell

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

It is because of comments such as these that I have begun to find myself increasingly fearful for the future of the human species. To be blunt, I would to inform everyone that participates in this manner of writing that it is neither cute nor smart, nor appreciated or smiled upon. In fact, it may be to your great advantage to learn that it makes you appear frightfully uneducated and utterly obtuse. I lament to feel the need to inform you that you are not 16th century Russian peasants (though your literacy skills speak otherwise) so for the sake of all those who receive the unfortunate experience of reading your comments - if not your own - I implor you to stop acting as though you are. Thank you and I sincerely hope you realize the intention behind the wording of this comment, for otherwise I fear I may likely end up buried.

  rallets  |  22

#136, i think your story missed something too which makes your entire epic essay a complete fail. "To be blunt, I would [like] to inform everyone" was probably what you wanted. so sorry, but better luck next time.

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